At Else we are changing the lives of children and babies around the world

Through clean, sustainable, healthy alternatives to


Else is holding the torch to a healthier and happier future for children, babies, and the planet. We are disrupting the market and filling in that gap with dairy-free, soy-free nutrition without harsh chemicals or ultra-processed ingredients.

Food that parents can feel good about giving their little ones.

How is our process different?

Made with Whole Foods (and love)
Made with >90% whole food ingredients: almonds, buckwheat, and tapioca. Our patented production process means no alteration to the ingredients’ chemical structure - keeping these plants in their natural form for natural digestion.
Minimally Processed Ingredients
Nutrients are maintained in their food matrix and the proteins are intact with minimal ingredient processing. We do not use protein isolates, like soy protein isolate or pea protein isolate, or protein fractionations like casein or whey.
Clean Label Project Award Winners
The Clean Label Project tests for ~400 chemicals of concern and industrial and environmental toxins and contaminants that have the long-term potential to adversely affect health and well-being. Meaning, we do not use harsh chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, acids, or solvents in our formula.

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What scientific claims do we stand behind?

We are a team of scientific researchers dedicating our time to stringent studies that get to the pit of what optimal nutrition for your children and babies looks like.

We are working to fulfill state of the art clinical requirements like every other big baby and children’s nutrition company.

For the first time in history, we will provide and validate clinical data to show that plant-based nutrition, based on minimally processed whole food ingredients, can truly work for infants.

As we perform clinical studies for regulatory purposes and also our own added studies for Else Infant Formula, Toddler Nutrition and Kids Supplements, we will ensure that these nutrition sources will not only help your little one grow and develop, but will also be well tolerated in cases of sensitivities, intolerances and allergies.