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Plant Based World Expo:
Else Nutrition Awarded Prestigious World Plant Based Award
December 13th
Else Nutrition Is
Changing the face of Early Childhood Nutrition with Clean, Sustainable, Plant-Based Products.
Introducing Our Scientific Advisory Board:

Our advisory board is a group of world-renowned clinical and research experts in the field of nutrition who play a key role in helping us shape our scientific knowledge. This enables us to develop innovative, plant-based products that support healthy growth and development in children and for the parents we serve. The boards’ experience spans many areas, including pediatrics, gastroenterology, infant & childhood nutrition, protein science, immune system development, and pediatric allergy, which puts science at the heart of everything we do.

Jon Vanderhoof, MD
Yvan Vandenplas, MD, PhD
Raanan Shamir,MD, PhD
Ron Shaoul, MD
Hania Szajewska, MD
Carina Venter, RD PhD
Carlos Lifschitz, MD
Olle Hernell
Bo Lönnerdal, PhD
Susan Baker, MD, PhD
We Work with the Best Partners

Else Nutrition can be found in some of America's finest retailers nationwide. We put a great deal of care into where we place our beloved brand. From the west coast, through the mountain regions, and on to the Gulf and Atlantic shores, Else's partners cherish their customers and their communities at large. And we've only just begun to expand our network of retailers so that America can find Else's products close to home.

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